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What To Do If Your Child Is Absent

If your child is away from school, it is vital that you contact the school on the first day of their absence. This applies for ALL children, including nursery children.

Please ring the Attendance Hotline as soon as possible, ideally in the morning before 8.00am and either speak to a member of the office team or leave a message on the school answer machine with your child’s name, class and reason for absence. The office staff listen to these messages each morning.

If you are not able to ring before 8.45am, please call the school as soon as possible. If you have not informed us of an absence then you will be contacted by a member of staff. The Attendance Hotline number is (01323) 746337

Please try to encourage your child to come into school as much as possible. If they are feeling under the weather in the morning, this often clears up as the day progresses. If they do, however, continue to feel unwell, we would, of course, let you know so you can take them home for some rest and recuperation.

On the other hand, we do ask you to keep your child at home for 48 hours after they have last vomited or have had diarrhoea. This gives them time to recover, and reduces the chances of any infection being spread to their classmates and friends.


The Government has introduced new registration regulations which mean that head teachers can only give leave of absence in exceptional circumstances and only when when applied for.

Clearly, family holidays are not exceptional and should be taken in the official school holidays. Every day missed can mean gaps in a child’s learning which can affect their attainment over time. Over the course of the school year, the government expects all children to attend between 95 - 100% of school sessions.

If you think your circumstances are exceptional, you will have to discuss this matter with a senior member of staff.

Where parents take their children out of school without permission, they can expect to be issued with fixed-penalty notices. Parents have to pay within 3 weeks at the rate of £60 per parent per child. After that, there is just one week in which to pay the higher rate of £120.

The Government intends to be tougher on families taking their children out of school for holidays. It also expects all head teachers to adhere to the regulations so, in effect, we should be working together to achieve the best educational outcome for the children.

Families are advised to consider very carefully their future holiday planning. Parents who take their children out of school without permission risk the intervention of the Education Welfare Officer, who will investigate all instances of unexplained absences.

Here is some information from the Government: No more holidays

Our term dates can be found on our Calendar page.

If you wish to apply to take your child out of school in term time you must fill in a Withdrawal from Learning Application. You can download a form from our Policies Page (see Behaviour and Attendance Section).