Bourne Primary School


English as an Additional Language

At Bourne, the children and staff speak more than 40 different languages between them! We celebrate our diversity, both linguistically and culturally.

Children for whom English is an additional language are welcomed to our school from the time they are offered a place. Their journey into Bourne School starts with a visit to the school with the parents or carers to meet their Class Teacher staff.

The team at Bourne responsible for looking after children with English as an Additional Language are:

Details specific to the child regarding proficiency and literacy in their first language is discussed and other relevant details recorded. This means that, when they come to school for the first time they already have familiar faces to welcome them and staff are able to start planning for their needs.

In class children are given buddies to support them, so they feel included into the class immediately. Whenever possible, children will have two buddies, one who speaks the same home language, and another to support good English language development. New to English learners will also have a Pupil Ambassador buddy – an older child – who meets with them every week to play games, sing songs and share books. Learning English happens both inside and outside the classroom, and children receiving this support have opportunities to explore the local environment with trips to the shops, parks, and out into the Sussex Downs.

Our EAL Team plan with the Class Teachers and support children both in class and the in small groups for Speaking and Listening, Role play, Reading and Writing and general confidence building.

The progress and attainment of all EAL learners is monitored and discussed with staff, to ensure their needs are met and they are progressing as well as they can. We also receive support from the East Sussex English as an Additional Language Service (EALS), who provide support teachers and Bilingual Support Officers in our main community languages – currently Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian Arabic, Bulgarian and Turkish.

At Bourne we firmly believe that parents are an important part of their child’s learning. We try to provide opportunities for parents to support their children by providing Dual Language books to take home, opportunities to speak to class teachers, and regular questionnaires for parents and children to ensure our resources and curriculum meet their individual needs.

We also encourage parents to become Parent Ambassadors who can help support translation for other parents and we offer EAL coffee mornings on a regular basis to join together as a community and organise trips for EAL families to show them places of interest in the local area.