Bourne Primary School


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At Bourne, we firmly believe that every child will learn most effectively if their basic needs are met. This means that we want our children to be:

  • Healthy.
    • We want them to have a good night’s sleep before every school day, and we want them to have a healthy diet including a filling and healthy breakfast. We want them to thrive.
  • Safe.
    • We want the children to know they are safe in school and at home, and to help them develop their own ways to keep themselves safe. We want them to feel secure.
  • Loved.
    • We want our children to be protected, valued and appreciated by their friends and families and by the school’s staff. We also want them to be kind to themselves and to others.
  • Confident.
    • We want the children to have real self-esteem, respect for themselves and others, and a sense of their right to be in the world. We want them to be resilient.
  • Individual.
    • We want the children to be unique, to be creative and considerate, and to enjoy spontaneity. We want them to rise above hatred and prejudice.

    The school aims to provide a caring environment for all children in the context of a Positive Behaviour Policy. All staff are committed to this policy and as such take responsibility for ensuring children are well cared for. We believe strongly in good and considerate behaviour in our school community. We prefer to encourage through rewarding good behaviour rather than to use punishments. The school has close links with outside organisations that offer advice and support for behaviour management.

    Nurture Support:

    We provide nurture support for children who find positive relationships with other pupils or staff difficult. They offer an opportunity to learn and experience the early nurturing experiences some children and young people lack, giving them the skills to do well at school, make friends and deal more confidently and calmly with the trials and tribulations of life, for life.

    We also offer nurture support for children who are going through difficult times, which can include challenges such as bereavement, divorce, friendship changes and transitions to new schools.

    Sand tray therapy

    Sand tray is a form of expressive therapy that is sometimes referred to as sandplay or the World Technique. This type of therapy is often used with children, but can be applied to adults, teens, couples, families, and groups as well. Sand tray therapy allows a person to construct his or her own ‘small world’ using miniature toys and coloured sand. The scene created acts as a reflection of the person’s own life and allows him or her the opportunity to resolve conflicts, remove obstacles, and gain acceptance of self.

    The Pastoral Team

    The Pastoral Team consists of:

    The Pastoral Team meets regularly to discuss children currently facing difficulties and who may benefit from some extra support or attention.

    The care of children and adults in the Bourne community is an important part of every day. Our aim is to provide a supportive and friendly atmosphere for all our families and children to help them achieve their potential.

    If there is a problem, your first point of contact should usually be your child’s class teacher or key worker. They will often be able to reassure you that the problem was dealt with appropriately, or support you with a concern. They are available in the playground most days for a quick word, or if it is a longer or more personal matter please make an appointment to see them after school. Alternatively, or if you wish to discuss the matter further, you could speak to one of our Pastoral Team. We provide support for families and children who are facing difficulties, and work to promote effective participation in school life.