Bourne Primary School


Home Visits

At Bourne, we have a policy of visiting all new to Nursery or Reception children at home before they start with us. These visits are a really good opportunity to check things and explain any worries you or your child have. They are also an opportunity to gather vital information before your child starts. For children who join us in Years 1 – 6 we will complete a school based visit, where parents/carers and the child are invited to meet the teacher, have a tour of the school and go through important information before their child starts school.

Home visits are also very much a chance for teachers to see children in their own environment, where they're likely to be at their most comfortable. If a new pupil seems especially shy in the classroom once they start, but were less so during the home visit, this will help the teacher understand that they might just need to come out of their shell more. School based visits also help the children to have a small introduction to the school and gather information before they make the transition.

Home visit / school based visit tips:

  • See this as some precious one-on-one time to get to know the teacher and vice versa.
  • Use the visit to raise any concerns you have, eg. worries about toileting, development and the like, for younger children, or issues that have arisen at previous schools for older pupils. It's much easier to do this now than trying to grab some attention at the classroom door when you're among 29 other parents and carers.
  • Explain to younger children in advance that their new teacher is coming round to say hello and encourage them to get a favourite toy out to show them or they could bring it into the school based visit.
  • Turn the TV off. Your child is unlikely to bond with the teacher if they're distracted by the telly
  • Don’t worry about making the house super-spotless. That said a quick clean up might be worthwhile if it makes you feel better.
  • Bear in mind the teacher might only stay a short while as they probably have a lot of other home visits to get through that day.
  • Ask questions – we will do our best to answer them