Bourne Primary School


School Routines and Administration

Delivering and Collecting Your Child

Children should arrive no earlier than 8.30am, unless they attend Early Birds Breakfast Club. The bell to start the day is rung at 8.45am. It is expected that parents will supervise their children before they come into school. Nursery and Reception children should be accompanied by parents/carers to their classes. All other children will be collected from the playground by staff at 8.45am. Obviously, if younger children find the start of the day upsetting, we will arrange something slightly different until they feel more confident and settled. This will be arranged with the classteacher.

Please let us know in advance if you need to collect your child during the school day. Children should be signed in and out at the school office when being delivered or collected. Please note that no child will be allowed out of school during school hours unless accompanied by an adult.

Please keep us informed of any special arrangements for collection of your child at the end of the day. If you are unexpectedly delayed please call us and we will keep the child safely in school until your arrival. Otherwise please collect your child on time, especially infant children who are not released until a recognised adult has been to collect them.

Contact Details

In the event of emergency, and also enable the school to contact parents on other matters, the school will issue a pro forma each autumn term to ensure that up to date information is maintained. If there are any changes during the school year parents are requested to notify the school office immediately, including if you change your mobile contact number. We also require at least one emergency contact should parents be anavailable.


The Insurance Section at County Hall has advised us that claims are being received for valuables, in particular pupils’ jewellery and mobile phones that are being taken to school and lost. Schools are asked to make it clear to parents that the school will not take responsibility for valuables brought into school. Mobiles phones are not encouraged by the school, but if children have to have them, they must be handed in to the school office every morning.