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Our Vision and Values

Bourne to inspire others, include everyone and empower ourselves


Bourne Primary School & Nursery is a happy, inclusive and vibrant place, that strives to inspire, include and empower all members of our school community.  School leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality education for all pupils, that is directed by the school’s four Pillars of Success: 

  • Excellence for all – provide an ambitious and challenging curriculum that engages and inspires all pupils on a pathway of life-long learning.  Inspire all to broaden horizons, empower themselves, realise ambitions.
  • Effective Leadership - leaders have an ambitious and inclusive vision, to be a ‘Good’ school, engaging with their community well, protect staff from bullying and harassment and have high expectations for the development for all pupils and staff.
  • Provide support for the Bourne Primary School & Nursery community - invest in the physical and mental health of all stakeholders so that everyone can learn to thrive through practising healthy habits.  Developing systems and processes to ensure that all pupils, including vulnerable groups receive the best education opportunities possible.
  • Effective use of resources - effectively manage and generate high-quality financial human and physical resources to create a safe, secure and stimulating environment both inside and outside school.

The pillars have been set by the Governing Body to provide the focus for the school’s strategic overview and determination to succeed in achieving its vision.  The Pillars are interdependently linked and together they create the benchmark for all strategic decisions.


At Bourne we establish a sense of belonging, celebrate diversity and encourage innovation and collaboration through our embedded N.I.C.E Values:

  • Nurture – to care for and protect each other and our school; to stay positive and aim high.
  • Innovate – to make changes to our world through problem solving and creativity.
  • Collaborate – to work as a team to share ideas or create something new; to know how and when to be a leader.
  • Empathise – to listen to understand and share the feelings of each other.

In addition, the school has our N.I.C.E rules.  The N.I.C.E rules support pupils to follow the school’s core values.  The N.I.C.E rules are:

We encourage resilience through the use of our flamingo icon.  At Bourne, we are all ‘Give it a go flamingos!’

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