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Art & Design - The Subject Story

Art & Design(7)Cave paintings


Art & Design is a practical and creative subject. Through active participation, pupils at Bourne Primary explore creativity, generate ideas, acquire knowledge and hone techniques through a progression of key art & design skills. Ultimately becoming confident decision-makers.  We encourage our pupils to find their voice so they can contribute fully to society and the discussion of art, artists, design and designers, providing them with opportunities to express their opinions, share their thoughts, identify their feelings and develop critical thinking. 

Art & Design ignites the imagination, and originality is valued at our school.  We provide purposeful opportunities for pupils to celebrate themselves and one another.  Our school values encourage pupils to be ‘NICE’ (Nurture. Innovate. Collaborate. Empathise.).  The Art & Design Curriculum provides ample opportunities for our school values to be explored, embraced and implemented:

Nurture - As pupils’ journey through school, they are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding as well as their creative skills through a wide variety of techniques. Where they gain the confidence to explore, experiment and take risks.

Innovate - Through a range of artistic techniques, materials, equipment and design processes, pupils learn to use and experiment with form, pattern, texture, line, colour and shape to express themselves creatively. 

Collaborate - Through ‘Walking Galleries’ and Self/Peer Feedback, pupils learn to express their opinions and provide critical feedback to discuss what worked well and make suggestions to help others to develop their ideas.  Pupils are also given opportunities to work together to create whole class and whole school pieces of art.

Empathise- Pupils’ learn the world of art and design by recognising the achievements and contributions of artists, designers and craftspeople from many different times and cultures. They learn that art is used for a variety of purposes: to express emotions; comment on social and cultural issues; as a propaganda tool and as a political device to promote change in thinking and feeling.  Pupils’ learn that finding their creative ‘voice’ is not just empowering, but also a mindful process.  Both of which are essential to our well-being.

Art has always been and will always be crucial in human development, because ‘every picture paints a thousand words’, and every picture tells us something about the world we live in.  Art & Design is a subject that gives pupils the opportunity to express ideas, attitudes, values and become conscious decision-makers.  Pupils learn that Art & Design has been an important means of communication throughout history from Stone Age cave paintings until now.  Humans are born with an innate creativity and expressing oneself artistically always has and always will play a significant role in society.  As such, the subject lends itself readily to enriching, extending and consolidating learning in a variety of curriculum contexts in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.


The teaching and implementation of the Art & Design Curriculum at Bourne Primary School ensures Art & Design embraces the National Curriculum and an integral part of the cross-curricular learning, where pupils are encouraged to express themselves creatively in a wide range of topic areas.  Areas covered include collaborative cave paintings, sculpting, mosaics, printing based on topic work, such as the Tudor houses, nature, WW2 propaganda posters, painting, pointillism, Pop Art and the works of the Impressionist artists as indicated in our Art & Design Curriculum Road Map.  

Our chosen scheme of work encompasses the National Curriculum and ensures that all staff are confident with the skills, techniques and assessment of art.  This enhances the learning that takes place, allowing pupils to study the works of a wide variety of artists, examining their technique and creative innovation as they explore, experiment and develop their own ideas and creative processes. 

Art & Design Curriculum Road Map

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