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Mathematics - Our Subject Story



At Bourne we strive to develop an open mindset in maths including a community understanding of mathematical mindset. We believe that a shared vision and culture of mathematics amongst the Bourne community is fundamental to insuring mathematics is not only valued but enjoyed by all. 

We endeavour to increase subject expertise so that all staff, teachers and teaching assistants have a clear understanding of what mastery is, representations and structure, common misconceptions, mathematical thinking/reasoning, expectations and collaborative planning. We strive to help children to become fluent in the fundamentals of maths, to be able to reason and become confident problem solvers.


To achieve a strong mathematical mindset within the hearts at Bourne we have begun our ‘mastery journey’ with the mathematic leads undertaking the training and committing to the mastery approach, they are then confident in ensuring all staff are trained and share the same vision. Through taking the school on a mastery maths journey we are embedding a strong understanding and enjoyment for mathematics. Children are learning to make connections across their mathematical knowledge especially with an increased focus on building their arithmetical proficiency through a shared fluency programme that is embedded through the curriculum. The school is using the NCETM materials across the school which has vast opportunities to reason and problem solve, whilst building on and strengthening subject knowledge for all staff.

Systems to support same day intervention, medium term plans, role of TAs, support and challenge, assessment and tracking are in place and helping to build the confidence and development of mathematics across the school. These systems have all been introduced pre covid-19 and now will be developed, tweaked and strengthened as appropriate during the recovery phase.


There is consistency in the teaching of maths through a set of non-negotiables but not uniformity so teachers have the creativity to diverge as their professional judgement sees fit.  All stakeholders will have a clear vision of mathematics at Bourne school that encompasses the following notions:

  • Everyone can do maths
  • Maths is exciting and fun as well as necessary for life
  • If you work hard you can be successful at it
  • We can all learn from mistakes
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