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At Bourne School, we believe that through the study of Science, children develop a sense of the world and how it works. We know that science is a great tool for exploration and collaboration; it helps foster a sense of discovery and enquiry which we want every child at Bourne to have. All year groups have specified Science learning objectives which are sequenced and outlined in our Science Road Map.  In line with the national curriculum, skills such as observation, pattern seeking, classification, research and testing are taught progressively, and children can apply these investigative and practical skills, in almost every Science session. At Bourne Primary School we encourage questions, creative thinking and facilitate practical enquiry where ever possible – As Aristotle said, “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.” 


Teachers create a positive attitude to science learning and support our children's understanding of their surroundings by accessing outdoor learning and workshops with experts.  We believe that the acquisition of key scientific knowledge is an intergral part of our science lessons. 

All children, of all ages  engage in hands-on and practical experiences of scientific enquiry – from Reception, when they may freeze arctic toy animals in ice when observing change over time; to building a light-up toy, when learning about electrical circuits in Year 6. The vast majority of lessons involve children carrying out tests in pairs or small groups. This hands-on experience reinforces and embeds what they have heard and seen. We know that a collective curiosity will develop a sense of excitement and engagement about natural phenomena through observing and conducting a variety of experiments. Teachers use a variety of other teaching methods e.g. modelling, demonstration, use of internet links and video, experiments (both immediate and over time), research, discussion and debate in order to engage children and develop their learning.

We provide a variety of approaches and tasks appropriate to ability levels. These include:

  • Groups are mixed in ability to promote peer teaching;
  • We specifically target and support children with learning barriers or who are having difficulty in understanding particular concepts or vocabulary;
  • Teachers and TAs work with specific children to promote understanding 
  • Quality resources, centrally stored so that all children have access to hands-on experiences.
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Through our learning, children will understand how science relates to the world around them and impacts their everyday life – from climate change to pandemics.  Children will develop a curiosity and apply their knowledge creatively to become change makers of the future.   

Our Science Road Maps show an overview of our Science curriculum. There is an opportunity for parents to see work and discuss progress at the parent teacher meetings and class teachers are always willing to show and discuss science at other times. Progress in science is formally reported in the end of year school report and parents’ meetings. Science work is displayed and celebrated throughout the school for all to enjoy.

Science Curriculum Road Maps

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